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Peter is part of our Litigation, ADR and Compensation law team. His work includes providing solutions when things go wrong, helping vulnerable people deal with the anxiety of making claims and aid their recovery. From people injured at work, in car accidents and elsewhere, to professional negligence, TPD claims, insurance and in civil claims involving consumers and businesses, every day people who have been wronged rely on his experience to win their case.

Peter has practised law in Qld for over 25 years and for the last 2 decades has been an accredited specialist in personal injury law. He has helped countless people overcome serious injury with the helped of large compensation wins.

In civil claim disputes, Peter often takes on insurance companies not wanting to honour claims, business owners dealing with others breaking their contracts and Estate claims for fairer distribution of the Estate.

Recently Peter has worked in the Native Title law area, working to obtain compensation for Native Title Holders who have lost land and their special connection to land.  Once native title has been determined and recognised in a mob, they become entitled to seek compensation for land taken from them without any payment.  Peter also has experience across many related legal matters involving First Nation People, such as negotiation of ILUAs, carbon farming agreements, determination disputes and memberships of PBCs.

Giving back to the community is a passion for Peter. He volunteers for the local surf club as a lifesaver throughout the swimming season, helps out with the Nipper Program, and enjoys supporting his daughters’ sporting teams.