The Human Element in Personal Injury and Compensation Law

Salerno Law’s personal injury and compensation law team are experienced and understand the impact these matters can have on people’s lives. We treat every case with the individual attention it deserves. We are dedicated to delivering the best results for all of our clients.

Constructive, Efficient, and Effective Personal Injury and Compensation Law Practice

Our experienced personal injury and compensation law experts deliver the best results for our clients, both in Australia and internationally. We provide cost and time effective solutions for personal injury and compensation cases.

We Have Experts In Every Field

Salerno Law’s experienced personal injury and compensation law team is comprised of the best in the field. Our reputation for excellence attracts the brightest minds in this area of law. We have specialists who can help you with every kind of compensation claim including:

  • asbestos effects

  • insurance and personal liability

  • motor accidents

  • professional negligence

  • workplace accidents

  • aviation

  • medical negligence

  • occupiers and public liability

  • superannuation


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Personal injury and compensation matters are often vitally important to the people involved, so they are vitally important to us too. To speak with an experienced professional in the field, book a consultation with Salerno Law. Call us on +61 8 9169 2206 to get in touch with our WA office or +61 7 5575 8011 to reach our QLD office.