The Human Element in Intellectual Property Law

While intellectual property is the heartthrob of most modern, competitive businesses, it can be a difficult thing to protect. Unlike with physical property, ownership and theft of intellectual property can be difficult to prove. The intellectual property law experts at Salerno Law keep up to date with every change in property law and use our knowledge to ensure that you are protected. We understand the nature and value of intellectual property and its relationship to the law, so we can protect and defend your rights to your intellectual property.

Constructive, Efficient, and Effective Intellectual Property Law Practice

Our intellectual property law specialists pride themselves on their attention to detail. We provide businesses throughout Australia and internationally with cost and time effective solutions.

We Have Experts In Every Field

Our reputation for results in intellectual property law attracts the most talented and dedicated lawyers in the field. We apply our expertise to matters involving:

  • advertising and marketing devices

  • copyrights

  • patents

  • confidential information

  • domain names and online assets
  • trademarks


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Intellectual property can be complicated and mistakes can be devastating to a business or individual. To protect your intellectual property, speak with one of our experts in the field. Call us on +61 8 9169 2206 to get in touch with our WA office or +61 7 5575 8011 to reach our QLD office.