The Human Element in Estate Law

Estate law is one of the most personal and involved areas of law. It affects your loved ones at a time when further, costly difficulties are not needed. It is vital to ensure the process is thorough and comprehensive. Our experienced team cross every ‘t’ and dot every ‘i’. We ensure that your estate is neatly in order and all possible angles have been considered.

Constructive, Efficient, and Effective Estate Law Practice

Salerno Law believes that estate law is one of those areas of law where having a lawyer who cares is most important. Our estate law experts pay special attention to detail because these matters are some of the most sensitive and complex matters in the legal industry. We deliver effective solutions promptly and by cost-effective means. Estate law disputes can be emotionally and financially draining. Salerno Law avoid this through exceptional attention to detail.

We Have Experts In Every Field

Salerno Law maintain a reputation for excellence in estate law that attracts the most passionate and effective practitioners in the industry. We are experienced in all estate law matters, including:

  • assisting legal firms, accountants, and financial planners who do not specialise in estate law
  • assisting with wills, trusts, powers of attorney, guardianship, tax, and superannuation

  • business succession planning

  • dispute advice and representation

  • estate planning

  • estate planning for high net worth individuals and families


Disclaimer: All information is kept secure and will not be shared or sold to any third party.

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The needs and details of every estate are different. Our lawyers treat every case with the extensive attention to detail that they deserve. Book your consultation today. Call us on +61 8 9169 2206 to get in touch with our WA office or +61 7 5575 8011 to reach our QLD office.