The Human Element in Employment Law

Employment law is one of the areas of law most prone to change. Our team of expert lawyers are constantly working to stay on top of changes and remain at the forefront of employment law. Our lawyers at Salerno Law will be at your side during the full process, looking out for you and your interests and lending you their expert knowledge and experience. We make sure to cross every ‘t’ and dot every ‘i’. We take the stress off your back.

Constructive, Efficient, and Effective Employment Law Practice

Our lawyers are dedicated to achieving cost-effective solutions for you in employment matters. We deliver timely results with ease to minimise distractions from running your business. Because of this commitment, we have repeat clients Australia-wide and internationally. Salerno Law ensure that your contracts are airtight and you always have professional representation.

We Have Experts In Every Field

Our reputation for excellence in employment law attracts the brightest minds. We offer expert assistance in drafting employment contracts, considering your interests in setting:

  • allowed leave

  • description of duties

  • restraint of trade agreements

  • salary

  • terms of termination

  • confidentiality agreements

  • details of benefits

  • rules for employees

  • superannuation arrangements


Disclaimer: All information is kept secure and will not be shared or sold to any third party.

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Every business is different and so is every employment law matter. Come meet a lawyer who can help with yours. Book a consultation to discuss your legal needs. Call us on +61 8 9169 2206 to get in touch with our WA office or +61 7 5575 8011 to reach our QLD office.