The Human Element in Building and Construction

Building and Construction matters are usually complex processes with high stakes. The team of legal experts at Salerno Law will be at your side throughout, looking out for your interests, making sure every ‘t’ is crossed and every ‘i’ dotted, and taking the stress off your back.

Constructive, Efficient, and Effective Building and Construction Law Practice

Our lawyers are motivated, qualified, and experienced in providing cost-effective solutions to Building and Construction matters. We deliver better returns at lower costs for our clients Australia-wide and internationally and operate seven days a week.

We Have Experts In Every Field

Building and Construction is a wide and varied area. This is why it’s important to work with a lawyer who is a specialist in the exact area your case belongs to. Our lawyers have expertise and experience in cases involving:

  • Pre-contractual drafting and contract review
  • Both builder/owner and subbie/builder contracts

  • Advice to ensure you get paid on time – every time

  • Understanding building and construction law

  • QBCC licencing issues

  • Payment claims and debt recovery

  • BCIPA and sub-contractors charge

  • Dispute resolution and/or Court appearances including litigation
  • Assistance interpreting and acting on the Domestic Building Contracts Act and the Queensland Building Services Act
  • PPSA as applied to the construction industry


Disclaimer: All information is kept secure and will not be shared or sold to any third party.

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